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Multi-Zone & Outdoor Audio

Multi-Zone & Outdoor Audio

Multi-Zone Audio

For those who like to rock, this is for you...

Your custom system can range from wireless speakers that connect through your home, or pre-wired speakers that are built into your walls or ceilings. Depending on your preference, speakers can play content divided by rooms or function as one unit to circulate music throughout your home. Control for your system can be supplied from a central AV cabinet that can be hidden away and accessed via smartphones, tablets, or a remote control.

Listen to Sports Centre while you shower in the morning with an in-ceiling bathroom speaker streaming from your TV, enjoy the soggy cereal your kids attempted at breakfast just a little more by listening to your favourite podcast in the kitchen, or blast your favourite jams through the whole house and get the family up and at em!

Multi-room audio is a completely customizable service and you don't have to lift a finger!  Our team will set it up and give you the run down.  All you have to do is close your blinds before you start that dance party!

Let the Sounds you Love follow you Effortlessly throughout your Home...

Outdoor Audio

Enjoy our short Saskatchewan Summers the way you were meant to; OUTSIDE!

Outdoor audio can be as simple as a set of weatherproofed speakers connected to your home audio system as a separate zone, or it can be its own impressive system.

The best part about working with Audio Warehouse is all you have to do is tell us what you want use the space for and we will give you your options.  We might recommend anything from in-eave or mounted speakers to buried, camouflaged or hidden speakers in your garden!  Bet you didn't know we can hide a giant sub, that even the nosiest neighbours won't be able to spot!

And because we are a local company we know how important weather- proofing is.  We're experts at waterproofing your terminals, we know the best outdoor wire that we will tuck neatly away for you, and we'll use only equipment that will last through Sask seasons!  

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