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Car Starters

Car Starters

Car Starters are to Saskatchewan what Surfboards and Wine are to California

We are Canadians. We know what the biting cold of -40C feels like. We have block heaters, a car part that's never been installed in most parts of the world.  We have experienced frozen tires and frozen seats. We have scraped our windows with cards from our wallet. We know how to prepare. We know how to conquer the cold. We are the few and the proud, that wake up to weather conditions that would cripple some countries, smile, and get on with our day.


We install remote starters not because its convenient, but because that button of your fob is a weapon against our goliath enemy that is the Saskatchewan Winter.  It saves our sanity when we have to leave the office in the middle of the day or put our kids in a car that feels like the inside of an igloo.

After thousands of remote start installations, we are Saskatchewan's home grown Car Starter Skilled!  Our team will insure safe, professional, and effective installation and programing of your remote start system.

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